Freedom or Death

Publicado: dezembro 6, 2010 em general insanity

And it happened again.

Sometimes I feel like something is inherently wrong with the world. Like, there is an universal law written somewhere, hidden within a place of power and protected from the eyes of mortal men and women. During those moments, I try and force myself to find some kind of reassurance on the possibility that the universe is not – in point of fact – evil.

No. It isn’t.

Sometimes, what happens is tha I find myself stuck inside some kind of running wheel, that makes me move fast and furiously and never leave whichever dark place I happen to be. In this universe, dark places are large and plenty, and most of them aren’t very easy to navigate. Dark places are different from the empty ones, and those empty ones I have not threaded in a long while.

It has been a long while since I felt that lonely. Perhaps not ever since I was twelve. But sometimes, when days start bleeding into the night, I find myself staring down at such places. And that’s when I start being weird.

It is exhilarating. Like freedom should be. Maybe it is.

  1. disse:

    se precisar de players para a missão da busca sagrada do livro das leis universais, count me in! =)

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