Diário de um Death Knight

Publicado: novembro 25, 2008 em sleep deprivation

To Lord Darion Mograine,
Grandmaster of the Order of the Ebon Hold

Northrend. Day 2.

It was late in the afternoon, and the giant Vrykul were not relenting. Most of the battle took place within the morning and the rest of the day was filled with horrible skirmishes. They know the fjords way better than the Vanguard, and I’m afraid the Ebon Hold knows no better. I never been to this place before yesterday, but I feel some sort of longing, of sadness in the lament of the wind. Must be the reason they call this place Howling. Lord Koltira didn’t send me here to listen to the wind though.

I was around the outskirts of Wyrmskull Village. I managed to break out of the Vrykul siege by sea and just reached land again. Vice Admiral Keller received reports from the scouts that a battle was being fought east of Utgarde keep, and he wanted me to get there and do whatever I could to help. As it was, when I got there, there was nothing else I could do. With the exception of one dwarf, Mordun, they were all dead: Vrykul or Alliance. The dwarf told me he was part of a mission to infiltrate the keep and assassinate Ingvar the Plunderer, the Vrykul commander leading the attacks on Valgarde. But they ran into a detachment of the giants ready to join the siege and now, alone and wounded, the dwarf could not go on.

So he asked me to kill Ingvar. But I could not do it on my own.

As fate would want, at that moment a detachment of Night Elves, accompanied by Naava, a draenei shaman, arrived at the battlesite. The Admiral apparently assumed I wouldn’t make it so far, or he just had men to spare for a redundancy. Nevertheless, it was all that I needed.

After a brief explanation from the dwarf about the plan, I, a druidess, an assassin, an archer and Naava went into the keep.

It was glorious.

Hordes of Vrykul hurled themselves at us like waves crash into the shore. Inexorably, we advanced. When we got to the terrace, we found Ingvar yelling at his troops below. They were launching a heavy assault on Valgarde and, even if the Vanguard managed to hold, it would be at a high price. We waited no longer. I issued a challenge, and the Vrykul commander responded in kind, hurling his enchanted axe at us. We pressed forward and reached him as his axe returned to his hand. The battle was furious. I have to confess I felt overwhelmed by his strength and skill. My intial assessment was correct: I wasn’t ready, and could not defeat his man on my own. Thankfully, I didn’t have to. Assaulted by both elven steel, the power of the Moon, and unleashing of primeval elements and my runeblade, he fell. His head chopped off in one swift motion. I took it, went into the balcony and presented the commander’s head to his troops. We broke their spirit, but they were decided there and then, to seek vengeance for their fallen commander. Vengeance by killing us. Their dragonriders approaching fast, spear in hand and a maw of flames that reminded me of home. We had to leave, and fast.

The details of our escape are less than glamorous. What needs to be said is that the Admiral was pleased when we returned to Valgarde, alive and victorious.

Alive. That’s something I had not felt for a long time.

Death Knight of the Ebon Hold.


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